Can a chiropractor prescribe medical marijuana?

question ? Can a chiropractor medical marijuana prescribe
I just want to know if my chiropractor may prescribe medical marijuana? While it may paperwork that I need to get a card. I have back problems and I live in Southern California. If it’s not that I can read? Because I need the card for my dos.Meilleure Answer:
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of Suzie Cutie
I have no idea but I bet you try this mutha fuckas, legal coke just before the pain and stop being a god addict!

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  1. Ghost7455 says:

    I need the card … f * ck it, just legalize it. This is what has to say, if Q. Who can prescribe medical marijuana? A. Any licensed physician can confirm or suggest the use of marijuana for relief in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraines offer, and other maladieEm condition or check-out, they had a little info. And ………………. Weed and coke (or any other real drug) are completely different and not comparable. Maybe they should do something researchhhhhh. And …….. Maybe the people who say a lot with him, perhaps they should cope with the pain if / when they get it, and those of us who want to light up, smoke blunts our peace. ..

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